None of these qualities are surprises to the One who created, fashioned and empowered the one who He himself calls, “capable, intelligent and virtuous”. The greatest crime against the feminine soul is to diminish her value , worth and wonder; and the greatest tragedy is to quench her ability to find her origin and seek her own true north.

My prayer... is that we shall continue to be a global sisterhood who champion the feminine heart in all her beauty and brilliance.

My prayer... is that as we “set sail” in our own convictions and calling, we will continue to bless the world we inhabit with unshakable faith and hope.

My prayer... is that every daughter - regardless of age, background, culture or ethnicity - will know that she is believed in and that her story and place within society matters.

The Colour Conference heads into the future with these convictions in mind. Proverbs 31 paints a metaphor of a striking and influential woman — “She is like a trading ship, that sails to faraway places and brings back exotic surprises”. I’m sure the merchant ships of ancient times brought back surprises of silk and spices and the like, but for me, the metaphor speaks of an enriched and awakened life in Christ - a life that brings wisdom and goodness into the everyday rooms of everyday life.

I’m believing that in 2018, the Spirit of God has impartations and surprises for all of us. I pray that you (and everyone you choose to bring) will join me as we continue to set bold sail into the “glorious” days that await us. He loves you. Believes in you. And has a fabulous future planned for you. See you in 2018.

Love always, Bobbie.
Host and Founder of Colour Conference and The Colour Sisterhood

Joining Bobbie and the Hillsong Global Teams,
our international guests include:

Bob Goff joins the Colour platform for the first time in Sydney and London. A truly remarkable human being with remarkable stories to tell.

Charlotte Gambill return to the Sydney conference. She’s a wonderful communicator, full of fun and an all time fave.

Amanda Cook joins us for the first time in Sydney and London. Singer, songwriter, poet and all time gorgeous person. Can’t wait for this darling from “the Bethel camp” to be amongst us.

Priscilla Shirer... what is not to love and adore about this woman and bible teacher. She’s with us in London, and we can’t wait to see what she will graciously and powerfully bring to the table.

Sheila Walsh joins Cape Town for the first time. Her warmth and depth of love for all things heaven and earth will captivate our South African sisters and set us in good stead for the future.

Laura Toggs & Julia A’Bell will join Bobbie in Kiev. We love bringing the strength of our own house to the girls in Eastern Europe, and can’t wait to witness all things Colour expressed in the Russian language.

Plus... Bobbie and the strength of the Hillsong global worship and teaching and leadership teams are across the USA conference, with surprise announcements to come.

EXPERIENCE OUR HOUSE EXPERIENCE AN ARMY OF VOLUNTEERS WITH A HEART TO SERVE. Hillsong Church hosts and carries the Colour vision and mandate.
It is our joy, privilege and honour to serve the Body of Christ (and the cities they represent) around the world in this way. Come as you are. All are welcome. Exciting days for unity and cohesion.

There’s just something about being in the room. Thousands of women “united in friendship, vision and cause” unlock the atmosphere and unleash the miraculous. It attracts the felt presence of God… and what is felt is irresistible.

Creativity. Worship. Teaching. Inspiration. Enablement. Fun. Empowerment. Answers. Solution. Change. Wonder.

Colour is a global movement of everyday women, with hope in their heart and “change” in their step. A twenty-one year journey thus far, has seen this diverse and fabulous host of women help multitudes of others. If making the world a better place resonated with you, you belong within this miracle story, you belong within this miracle story.

Justice. Response. Voice. Prayer. Together.

Perfect for a weekend away with the girlfriends and those you love.
Seize the day and make the investment.

Sydney Our three day “flagship” conference where it all began
The Theatre at ICC Sydney
Conference One: 15-17 March 2018
Conference Two: 19-21 March 2018

Cape Town Our premium conference condensed into two days
Grand West Plaza
Conference One: 11-12 April 2018
Conference Two: 13-14 April

London Our three day premium conference
19-21 April 2018

USA Our premium conference condensed into one or two days
LA: 27–28 April 2018
PHOENIX: 1 May 2018
NYC: 4-5 2018

Kiev Our premium conference condensed into two days
Venue TBC
4-5 May 2018

#allwelcome #comeasyouare
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